Some Days We Don’t Feel It

20180307_121543.jpgIf I’m being honest I wasn’t looking forward to going out today. After a few sunny springlike days, a fresh dusting of snow had fallen again.

I’m so ready for spring. I wanted to be past the cold and the snow gear. I was dragging my feet getting our stuff on and getting out of the car. There are so many things to get done, would it be so bad if we skipped it today?

But then something happened as it inevitably does. Once we started walking into the trees, the kids began to play. The sun shown down and my negative feelings began to dissipate. The cold I was dreading when I looked at the forecast, didn’t feel so chilly while we played for what wound up being a couple hours.

The snow that I despised for still falling in March provided the perfect (although hopefully) last icy treat for hungry little mouths. The shining sun and songs of the birds, telling of the coming spring, provided the background to their gleeful shouts.

We all left feeling lighter and happier.

That is the magic of nature. No matter what we bring to it, we leave refreshed. This is the gift I want for my kids; that they will always have a place to recenter when they need it, even on the days they don’t realize they do.

“I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in tune once more.” – John Burroughs

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