Gear Review: Kids Winter Boots

We were struggling to find appropriate footwear for winter. Our Wisconsin winters are typically at or near freezing, with lots of snow and ice.  I wanted to find boots that would keep their feet toasty while also providing protection against the elements.

20180120_142547I’ve reviewed two of the most popular brands; Stonz & BOG Boots

These reviews are based on my own thoughts and opinions.  There are affiliate links below if you’re interested in purchasing.

Bogs Kids Classic High Waterproof Insulated Boot

These are the ones I heard about all the time.  They have a great reputation and people love them.  We purchased the  Kids Classic High Winter Boots in Kid size and Toddler size


Bogs Boots – Pull on Handle,Bogs Boots The Most Waterproof We Have Found
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately 9.75″ from arch
  • 100% waterproof rain and snow boot
  • Rubber/Neoprene
  • Shaft measures approximately 10.5″ from arch
  • Boot opening measures approximately 11.75″ around
  • Lined with Bogs Max-Wick to keep feet dry

Pros: These are really tough durable winter boots.  They keep feet dry and warm in the snow.  The big pull-on handle makes them easy for kids to put on themselves.

Bogs Boots – Pull On Handle at Top

Cons: They are heavy.  We got these for my older child and a pair of toddler ones for my daughter when was almost two. She could barely walk in them and basically refused to let us put her down that entire winter.  Not fun for anyone.  It got a little better in the spring as she got older and there wasn’t as much snow to trudge through.  I should have known better; I tried the Baby Bogs the year before when she was a little over a year.  They were a complete joke.  Instead of boots, they were basically shoes with an almost comical “pull on handle.” They weren’t tall enough to protect anything and the soles were still hard and heavy.

Waterproof: So far these are the most waterproof winter boot that we have found.  They are great for snow or small puddles.  However, the neo-tech technology does not  keep all the water out and the large easy pull on handle allow for water to enter without going over the top of the boots.  This is true for any of this style, but especially true for toddlers as it’s only a few inches from the easy on handle to the ground.  This can be frustrating, especially when exploring areas with water in the colder months.

Price: These can be pricey but if the child is able to handle the weight of the boot, you can size up and get a couple of seasons or even years out of them.  And their durability is great.  If you have multiple children, you will get a ton of use out of them.  They are my sons go to unless, we specifically know that we won’t be near water.  I’ve also had really good success finding them on sale.

Stonz Winter Boots For Cold Weather

These boots pride themselves on their ease of use and weight.  They offer easy on capabilities and with the upper drawstring and closures can keep snow out.  There are different styles based on age group.

Stonz Three Season Stay-On Baby Booties – These are soft boots that can be worn over bare feet or shoes.


Stonz Baby Booties – (Starting to outgrow them) rubberized sole and soft uppers, drawstring closure at top and ankle
  • 600D nylon upper with fleece lining
  • rubberized non-slip sole
  • Soft body and sole
  • Drawstring closures

Review:  These are hands down my favorite boot for babies and young toddlers.  They are the only boots my daughter would wear and she wore them all the time.  They are basically a soft shell with drawstring closures at the ankle and calf to hold them up.  We usually wore them with bare/socked feet although they can be worn over shoes.  They are super lightweight with durable nonslip soles.  They are great for babywearing as they keep legs covered when pants hike up and they don’t get in the way like big boots can when putting the child up.

Cons: They are not super warm because they are so thin, but we usually would just wear wool socks underneath.  They do make Stonz Booties Liner Insert to make them warmer as well.   I didn’t get a chance to try those as it was past winter and they already were getting outgrown but they would look like they would be great. It would be an additional cost.

Waterproof: We never had a problem with socks or feet getting wet.  But my youngest rarely waded in deep enough for water to get in over the top, so it wasn’t a full test.

Price: They hold up really well and we were able to get almost 2 years out of them.  My daughter was really sad when she grew out her “soft boots”.  I got mine secondhand and they are still in great condition.

Stonz Winter Boots For Cold Weather 

20171108_111603 (1)
Stonz Boots

There are two different versions of these one for toddler sizes and one for kids sizes.  Although similar there are some differences, so I’ll go through each separately.


  • Nylon
  • Rated for -30oC/-22oF
  • Lightweight grippy sole
  • Durable
  • Velcro or buckle and drawstring closure (depending on size)

Toddler Size: These are super lightweight, cozy boots.  They are warm and are a great transition from the baby booties.

Pros: They are so lightweight!  It feels like holding styrofoam.  They are great for walking and running in.  My barefoot girl, who wouldn’t wear anything but Robeez for almost 3yrs, had no complaints about these boots and happily wears them.  They have a velcro closure and are really easy to get on and off.  The soles are nice and grippy great for walking on snow or ice.

Stonz Toddler Boots <a target=

Cons: They are not waterproof.  The lower part is waterproof and holds up well.  We have only had a slight issue in the snow or puddles with leaking ,and it’s when the velcro wasn’t properly secured.  However, you cannot get into water higher than then the lower part, which is only a few inches. This has led to some disappointment when brother can go in deeper because his boots are taller.  She was also sad that they weren’t just like brother’s.

Price:  Again, these can be pricey, but they do go on sale and I have snatched them up for a steal, especially if you don’t have a preference for color.

Stonz Winter Snow Boots  – Kids Sizes

These are lightweight, warm boots with a buckle closure at the ankle and a velcro and drawstring closure on top.

Pros: Seriously, they are so lightweight!  They have the grippy sole and are easy to get on and off.  The closures make sure that they stay on and the drawstring helps to keep snow out.  These are a really great boot especially for hiking or running around because it allows kids more movement.

Kids Stonz Boots
Kids Stonz Boots Buckle at Ankle, Velcro (under the Stonz Tag) and Drawstring at the Calf

Cons:  They seem a little less durable than the BOGs.  They’ve held up really great and after a full winter of playing are in still holding strong.  It may just be that I’ve been programmed to think that durable means heavy.

Waterproof: These are not super waterproof.  the lower section is good and we haven’t had any problems with snow.  However, they do leak through when playing in creeks or deep puddles.  For that reason only, my son usually prefers the bogs when we go to places with creeks or water.

Price: You get what you pay for (are you sensing a theme?).  I have had pretty good success looking for sales and not worrying about color.

Final Thoughts:  I like both of these for different reasons and we have definitely used both of them for different activities.  For babies and toddlers the Stonz are by far the best option for winter, just try to keep them out of over ankle-deep water. BOGS are so far the best option for winter water play, albeit not perfect.

There are other brands out there that we have yet to try, but these are some of the top rated.

We have yet to find a winter boot that is truly waterproof.  Most are snowproof; they will not let the snow leak in. Many are small puddle proof; they hold up when playing in shallow water.  But we have not found any that are truly waterproof for young adventurers who are not deterred from fully immersing themselves into frigid waters.

Let me know if you’ve tried any other brands with success or have found the elusive holy grail of waterproof winter boots.

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