Ladybug Girl Party Theme


For her third birthday party, the only thing our daughter wanted was CAKE!  Cake and rice and beans! Seriously the girl is all about food.  She may get this from her mama.


Rice and beans is her favorite meal to eat, but thinking that it may not be for everyone, we decided to expand it to a taco bar.


photo_2018-03-10_16-27-40She finally decided on a Ladybug Girl theme. Ladybug Girl is one of her favorite books to read and she dressed up like her for Halloween, which made it a great fit.

For the dessert table we had a red tablecloth with black circles cut out of construction paper and a black streamer down the middle.


We made Ladybug cupcakes out of fondant with some premade candy eyeballs and followed this youtube tutorial video.  This was my first time working with fondant.  I have never used it before because I don’t really like the taste of it, but I get while people do now.  It was easy to work with and they came out super cute.  The kids even had fun making them with us.



Ladybug cakeballs were made by mixing cooked cake and frosting, forming them into balls and freezing them until they hardened some.  If you freeze them to long they will make the chocolate crack.  We then melted chocolate wafers  to dip them in and added black icing gel to create the faces and spots.



Ladybug cookies were made with Oreos, melting chocolate and icing gel.  We made a few of these too thick with the gel and it took a while to dry.  The gel works best in thin layers.




Decorations: We lucked out finding some red balloons with black dots.  By adding some extra red and black balloons and twisty streamers, it added a festive air.




Ladybugs were made out of tissue paper fan decorations by adding heads and spots out of construction paper.  We hung these up from the ceiling.  This crafter’s tape is amazing!  We used it for all the decorations.



IMG_0383We added some black circles to red paper lanterns decorations hung from the ceiling.

A LadyBug Girl poster and some books set-up around the house and the look was complete.

Games:  We made a giant ladybug out of posterboard and cut out spots to have the kids put the spots on the ladybug.  We also had a sensory bin with rice dyed red and black beans with little wooden ladybugs hidden in it to find.



All in all the party turned out really cute and the Ladybug Girl of the day approved.

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