Gear Review: Kamik Kids Boots


Kamik is a brand based in Canada.  They’ve been around for over a 100 years and they know something about cold and wet.

I’ve owned a pair of their Kamik Women’s Jennifer Rain Boots and they have been great.  When I had to get new rain boots for the kids, I knew the quality would be there.  They are committed to sustainable practices and even offer a boot recycling program.

Kamik Stomp Kids Rain Boot

Kids Kamik Storm Boot

Materials: Rubber

Description:  They are nice waterproof rubber, high rain boot.  They come in a multitude of colors.

Pros: These are a great waterproof rain boot.  They are tall, so even the toddler can go in wading in water up to mid calf while staying dry.  They have a narrow shaft and no pull handles, which also allows less water to get in.

Kids Kamik Storm Boot

Cons: Because they are tall they can be a little stiff.  My kids haven’t complained about it, but I’ve noticed it on my own boots.  The shaft may be too narrow for some kids.  Because there aren’t pull handles on these, I do need to help with putting them on or taking them off sometimes.  They do have other versions with handles, but the lack of them seemed a small price to pay for the extra height and durability.

If you’re interested in purchasing the Kamik Kids Storm Boots the affiliate link is below.

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