Easter Eggs: Shaving Cream & KoolAid Eggs


We decided to do Koolaid and Marbled Shaving Cream Eggs this year.


  • Shaving Cream Eggs
  • Foam Shaving Cream
  • Food Coloring





We used a foil pan and spread shaving cream across the bottom.  Then used Wilton Food Color Gels to make dots in the shaving cream.  They were a little thick, I would probably use the liquid food color next time.  We used butter knives to spread the color in the shaving cream and create designs.



Then rolled the eggs across the shaving cream design once. Place on paper towel to dry. IMG_0201-1







We were supposed to place them down on the paper towel in one spot, so they didn’t roll. One got away…whoops.IMG_0212-1






Letting the color set.  After about 5-10minutes, towel off the shaving cream.  The color will stay on.




In the meantime, we made some Koolaid Dyed Eggs

  • KoolAid Packets
  • Water



We used some crayons to create some wax resist designs on a few of the eggs.






We use a cupcake pan and put one pack in each filled with water.  I did every other one so that when they spilled over, they wouldn’t muddy the other colors.  A lesson learned from last year.





We used tongs to remove the eggs, a slotted spoon is what I usually prefer but the kids used them for a project and I couldn’t find them.




I’ve seen people suggest a whisk and putting the egg inside.  It seems like a great idea in theory until you realize you still have to get the egg out of the whisk after the dye.  The kids would swing it around trying to it get it out and we still wound up with dyed hands.



Final Products

They both came out really great.  The shaving cream eggs are really cool marbled pastels.


The KoolAid Eggs were bright and fun . IMG_0255-1

Both methods were a lot of fun and actually worked out pretty well doing them together since there’s waiting involved in both of them.  They are messy projects and the weather was good so we took advantage of doing them outside.  We’ll probably have dyed hands for a few more days but it’ll just be a our festive flair.

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